PDA Officers


Razvan Marinescu

President (Since Nov 2019)

Razvan joined Polina Golland’s lab at MIT CSAIL in early 2019 and is passionate about artificial intelligence and medicine. He is currently working on machine learning algorithms for two medical applications: identification of brain lesions in patients with stroke as well as prediction of the future evolution of Alzheimer’s disease. These techniques will help towards improving treatments for both diseases. He believes one day machines will be extremely intelligent and will be able to save many lives.

Before MIT, Razvan graduated with a PhD degree from University College London. He previously had leadership positions as Residence Advisor during his PhD as well as Year Rep during his undergraduate studies at Imperial College London. He is very sociable and is happy to connect you with other postdocs at MIT. He likes running and playing guitar, and enjoys hiking and travelling. See his website for more information: https://people.csail.mit.edu/razvan/ 

Vice President

Harish Banda

Recording Secretary

Harish joined Dinca lab at MIT Chemistry in early 2019 and is working on developing high-energy supercapacitors for electric cars. The idea is to develop an upcoming class of electrically conducting materials, metal-organic frameworks, as high surface area electrodes for supercapacitors. This project is part of the broader MIT-Lamborghini partnership that started in 2017. Before joining MIT, Harish received his PhD in chemistry form University of Grenoble, France in 2018 and Masters in chemistry from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Trivandrum, India in 2015. He likes travelling, hiking and particularly enjoys a deep philosophical discussion about anything under the sun (or beyond). He looks forward to meeting and socializing with other Postdocs at MIT through PDA.

Dien Nguyen


I am a Postdoc Associate from the Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS) at MIT. I received my PhD in experimental nuclear physics at University of Virginia. My research focus on the Short Range correlations to understand how nucleons interact with each other at very short distance which can help to complete the nuclear structure picture. 

Out of work, I love photography, hiking and cooking. I would like to connect to other postdoc at MIT.


Wan Shou

Advocacy Committee Chair

Wan joined Computational Fabrication Group at MIT CSAIL in early 2019. He has a broad research interests centered around advanced materials and manufacturing. Specifically, he works on additive manufacturing (3D printing) of electronics and soft robots, and wearable electronics. He is also learning about computational fabrication, machine learning, human-computer interaction, and robotics. He likes to make new friends and is always curious about various research topics. In his free time, he likes fishing, walking, running, etc.; he also likes poems. He would be happy to connect with all fellow postdocs at MIT and would like to hear from MIT postdocs of any advocacy issues. 

Before joining MIT, Wan obtained his PhD degree from MST, where he conducted research about laser micro/nano-manufacturing and crystallization of Si. See his website for more information:  https://showone90.wixsite.com/show

Qasim Bukhari

Professional Development Committee Chair

Qasim Bukhari is a postdoctoral associate in the Gabrieli Lab at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. He uses different neuroimaging techniques to better predict the treatment response outcome for psychiatric disorders from many alternate treatment options by using machine learning algorithms. He aims to develop a system that can predict the optimal treatment option from alternate therapies for psychiatric disorder patients. He also uses these tools to investigate the relationship between cognitive skills and brain measures. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich in Switzerland. He was awarded Erasmus Mundus scholarship for his Masters studies during which he spent time in Finland, Norway and Spain. Outside his lab, he likes to watch movies, spend time with his family and travel around the world. As a PDA officer, Qasim Bukhari is in charge of the Professional Development Committee. Please contact him for suggestions or proposals on organizing professional development events for the MIT postdoctoral community.

Natalia Barbour

Corresponding Secretary

Natalia is a postdoctoral associate in the department of urban studies and planning. She joined MIT in June 2019. She holds a Ph.D. degree in civil engineering focused in transportation from the University of South Florida. Her research focuses on exploring factors that influence human behavior related to adoption of new and shared mobility systems and technologies. She is leading the development of New Mobility course for MITedX platform. She is passionate about increasing diversity in STEM and is also serving on MIT Women Advisory Board. Natalia is responsible for communication with the PDA as well as the internal communication with 1,600 postdocs at MIT. Please feel free to contact Natalia if you have any questions about PDA. 

Jasmina Burek

IT & Information Committee Chair

Jasmina Burek is a postdoctoral fellow in the Materials Systems Laboratory. Her main expertise is in the life cycle assessment (LCA) method and application. She has taken a leadership role for the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE) at MIT project https://shine.mit.edu/. Within the SHINE@MIT project, she focuses on assessing the positive impact (handprints) of the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative and the industry stakeholders. Also, she is working on the LCA of electric scooters. Finally, she is developing a streamlined LCA framework and models to support early decision making in commercial buildings development, which will help improve the environmental sustainability of buildings and infrastructure.

Ruojie Vanessa Zhang

Alumni Committee Chair

Vanessa joined Bob Langer’s lab at MIT in early 2019 and is working on developing micronutrients encapsulation and delivery system that could be applied to commercial food products. As a researcher, she has published over 60 scientific articles with over 1000 citations in the filed of micronutrients delivery system. As her excellent performance in academic, she has been recolonized by various academic societies, such as ACS, AOCS, IFT, NEIFT, Gordon Research, etc. 

Before joining MIT, Vanessa obtained her PhD degree from UMass Amherst. During her PhD, she served for many organizations as group leaders, including being Chair of UMass Life Sciences Graduate Research Council, Vice President of Phi Tau Sigma UMass Chapter, Primary Chair of AOCS Student CIG, and Engagement Chair of IFT Food Chemistry Division. She was also honored with the Achievement Award from Phi Tau Sigma in 2019 for her excellent contribution. 

Being the Alumni chair of MIT PDA, she will dedicate efforts to be the liaison between current postdoc and MIT alumni, and provide platform for communication and collaboration across the board.

Longfei Zhou

Fundraising Committee Chair

Longfei Zhou is a postdoctoral fellow in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. At MIT, he is working on applying machine learning and computer vision technologies to analyze traffic flows and identify abnormal events with less computation. He is also analyzing interactions between different subsystems in smart cities and designing systems to enhance global optimization and improve people’s life. He received his Ph.D at Beihang University, where he used real-time simulation and intelligent algorithms to schedule manufacturing services for demanders in a cloud environment. He likes playing basketball, sailing, hiking and movies. He was the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Award granted by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2018.

Human Affairs Committee Chair

Leah Ellis

Orientation Committee Chair

Leah is a Banting postdoctoral fellow in the department of materials science, where she works with Prof. Yet-Ming Chiang on electrochemical synthesis of cement. Her interests are in translational science, creating technologies that can have an impact beyond academia. She has many years experience in cleantech, having done her PhD with Prof. Jeff Dahn, famous for his work on lithium-ion batteries for Tesla’s electric vehicles. As Orientation Chair, Leah is looking forward to giving a warm welcome to all new postdocs and helping them to make the most of their time at MIT.

Chuangchuang Sun

Sports Committee Chair

I am Chuangchuang Sun, a postdoc in Aero Astro and the new chair of the PDA Sports Committee.  The PDA currently organizes two weekly sports opportunities, soccer and volleyball (details below). We hope you can join us! If you would like to play another sport with your fellow postdocs, please contact me at pda-sports@mit.edu and consider joining this committee. You can also join the PDA’s Sports Facebook Group, and post to the group with your ideas for informal activities (e.g. find running buddies, or try MIT Sailing).  Also, if you would like to play tennis, go to sports watching party (college football/basketball, soccer, etc), hike, etc, please let us know. We would like to have more sports activities together. The PDA is committed to giving postdocs opportunities to be active in athletics during your time here, and we welcome your help in making this happen!


President (Apr 2019 to Aug 2019): Anish Paul Antony

President (Sep 2019 to Oct 2019): Qasim Bukhari

President (Sep 2018 to Mar 2019): Rozzeta Dolah

Vice President: Jette Lengefeld

Recording Secretary: Tanimul Alam

Treasurer: Yu-Ja Huang

Advocacy Committee Chair (Nov 16 2018 to Aug 2019): Yiman Wu

Advocacy Committee Chair (Sep 1 to Nov 16, 2018): Mohamed Tarek Ghoneim

Professional Development Committee Chair: Qasim Bukhari

Community Building Committee Chair: Satish Kumar Iyemperumal

IT & Information Committee Chair: Man Ho Wong

Alumni Committee Chair: Chi (David) Cheng

Fundraising Committee Chair: Mica Smith

Human Affairs Committee Chair: Wei Sun Leong

Orientation Committee Chair: Aaron Persad

Sports Committee Chair: Xiaoxue (Snow) Zhou

President: Ahmed Fazly

Vice President: Kiel Ormerod

Corresponding Secretary: Sarah Khanniche

Recording Secretary: Sabrina Huber

Treasurer: Taeyoon Kyung

Advocacy Committee Chair: Thomas Matarazzo

Professional Development Committee Co-Chairs: Zhen Cao, David Collins

IT/Information Flow Committee Chair: Muhammad Abir

Human Affairs Committee Co-Chair: Rozzetta Dolah

Orientation Committee Chair: Daniel Yim

Alumni Committee Chair: Mohammad Azad

Postdoc Initiative Grant Committee Chair: Jake Martin 

Fundraising Committee Chair:   Andreas Steinbacher

Community Building Committee Chair: Lai Sze Tso

Sports Committee: Neetesh Singh

President: Augusto Tentori

Vice President: Kathrin Graetz

Interim Vice President: Sabrina Huber

Corresponding Secretary: Megan Huber

Recording Secretary: Kiel Ormerod

Treasurer: Jake Martin

Advocacy Committee Chair: Thomas Matarazzo

Professional Development Committee Chair: Yogesh Dayma

IT/Information Flow Committee Chair: Haomiao Zhang

Human Affairs Committee Co-Chair: Kathryn Dupont

Orientation Committee Chair: Mohammad Azad

Alumni Committee Chair: Ahmed Fazly

Postdoc Initiative Grant Committee Chair: Elizabeth Stewart

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair:   Andreas Steinbacher

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair: Deniz Bozyigit

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Stefan Thiele

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Phalgun Lolur

Sports Committee Co-Chair: David Zhitomirsky

Sports Committee Co-Chair:  Neetesh Singh

President: Lilian Hsiao

President: Wasifa Jamal

Vice President: Augusto Tentori

Corresponding Secretary: Kathrin Graetz

Recording Secretary: Tharanga Wijethunga

Treasurer: Sepehr Ehsani

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Martin Stewart

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Murat Yildirim

Professional Development Committee Chair: Dinesh Kumar

IT/Information Flow Committee Co-Chair: Dennis Sheberla

IT/Information Flow Committee Co-Chair: Haomiao Zhang

Human Affairs Committee Co-Chair: Kathryn Dupont

Human Affairs Committee Co-Chair: Claudia Wehrspaun

Orientation Committee Chair: Jake Martin

Alumni Committee Chair: Mo Jiang

Postdoc Initiative Grant Committee Chair: Elizabeth Stewart

Sports Committee Chair: Jelena Stojakovic

Fundraising Committee Chair: Liz Canovic

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Farrokh Sheibani

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Min Ding

President: Vincent Chan

Vice President: Gregory Lee Kabachinski

Corresponding Secretary: Magali Gauthier

Recording Secretary: Nicole Vega

Treasurer: Nagore Ortiz

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Martin Stewart

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Piyush Jain

Professional Development Committee Chair: Usama Kadri

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Paulo Garcia

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Virginia Burger

IT/Webmaster Committee Co-Chair:  James Loomis

IT/Webmaster Committee Co-Chair:  Nick Vandewiele

Alumni Association Committee Chair: Stuart Cook 

Fundraising Committee Chair: Nir Pour

Human Issues Committee Chair: Markita Landry

Sports Chair: Gaurav Verma

President – Thomas Crouzier

Vice President – Sara Cleto

Corresponding Secretary – Victoria (Zhukova) Wyslouch

Recording Secretary – Georgios Markopoulos

Treasurer – Kartik Shah

Advocacy Committee Chair – Piyush Jain

Professional Development Committee Chair – Nan Li

Community Building and Outreach Committee Chair – Christin Glorioso and Piyush Jain

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Daniel Cuppoletti

Information Flow and IT support Committee Chair – Kan-Ju Lin

Alumni Committee – Eldi Schoenfeld

Fundraising Committee Chair – Suresh Maddur Ganesan

IT/Webmaster Committee Chair – Sumanta Dey

President – Thomas Crouzier

Corresponding Secretary – Sara Cleto

Treasurer – Amanda Nicole Billings

Advocacy Committee Chair – Eveline Geiser

Professional Development Committee Chair – Magdalini Papadaki

Community Building Committee Chair – David Engel

Fundraising Committee Chair – Suresh Maddur Ganesan

IT Chair / Webmaster – Xian Du

Midterm changes

President – Piro Siuti

Professional Development Committee Chair – Colas Schretter

Alumni chair – Runyu Tan

Founding President – Paulina Hill

Vice-president – Tejas Kalastavadi

Executive Secretary – Wiljeana Jackson Glover

IT Chair/Webmaster –Leon Bellan

Advocacy Committee Chair – Ana Jaklenec

Alumni Association Chair – Kelly Knee

Professional Development Committee Chair – James Chen

Community Building Committee Chair – Elizabeth Read

Midterm changes

President – Wiljeana Jackson Glover

Vice-President – Tejas Kalastavadi

Advocacy Committee Chair – Ana Jaklenec

Alumni Association Chair – Kate Moreau

IT Chair – Leon Bellan, Jun Fu