PDA Officers


Rozzeta Dolah


Rozzeta Dolah is a post doctoral fellow at MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering under Prof. Karnik’s Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Research laboratory. Her research interest involves renewable energy in biomass conversion into biofuels and nanotechnology using robust quality engineering including Taguchi method and experimental design. She has worked in several labs and lead the design and optimization of pyrolysis reactor for second generation catalytic pyrolysis into aviation fuel. She is a Chartered Engineer; CEng MIET registered in UK, with Ph.D specialized in mechanical quality engineering from Meiji University, Japan. Her experience in quality engineering was gained under the direct tutelage of the pioneer of Taguchi Method, Shin Taguchi; son of the late Dr. Genichi Taguchi. Prior to being in academic field, she has many years of experience as process engineer in industry, where she involved in multiple Black Belt Six Sigma projects, and solved problems through defects and variation elimination using MINITAB. As a member of Japan’s Quality Engineering Society, she led quality improvement projects through the implementation of Taguchi Method (Robust Quality Engineering), Design of Experiments (DOE), and Lean Six Sigma. Besides research, she enjoys adventurous activity such as travelling and snowboarding, nature and photography. And passion for guitar!

Jette Lengefeld

Vice President

Jette Lengefeld is a postdoctoral fellow in the Amon Lab at the Department of Biology/Koch Institute. In her research she focuses on understanding the factors that control stem cell division and differentiation. She received her PhD at the ETH Zurich (Switzerland) working on budding yeast (Youtube video).
Jette loves sports and therefore regularly joins the PDA volleyball every Friday at the Z-Centre. Otherwise, she likes running, hiking, snowboarding, philosophy and movies/eating popcorn.

Anish Paul Antony

Corresponding Secretary

Anish, working with MIT D-Lab’s Energy Research Group, is expanding the group’s efforts in South Asia. He currently supports the development of agriculture, water and energy access programs with community-based organizations. Additionally, he provides technical assistance on energy solutions to field partners and performs lab- and field-based research. He is a Co-Instructor for D-Lab: Energy II.

Anish holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, where he designed a superconducting magnetic energy storage device for renewable energy systems. In his free time, he loves playing cricket, traveling, baking, keeping up with current affairs, and trying to find a good New York style pizza in Massachusetts.

Tanimul Alam

Recording Secretary

Tanimul Alam is a postdoctoral research fellow at Department of Biology (Koch Biology Building 68). Tanimul received his Ph.D. at Division of Biological Science in Nagoya University from the study of neural regeneration in C. elegans. Currently he studies the molecular mechanism of aging in C. elegans using computational approach and conventional molecular biology approach. As Tanimul was born in Bangladesh and raised in Japan, he can speak 3 languages; Bengali, Japanese and English. He believes that he can use these backgrounds to understand a wide variety of demands from members of PDA. As a Recording Secretary, he would like to support the president and vice president so that every decision making of the executive board becomes successful. Also, he wants to make sure all the PDA meeting enjoyable and fruitful by taking care of details. Along with the academic activities, Tanimul enjoys traveling, photography and composing music. For more information, visit the personal website: https://www.tanimulalam.com .

Yu-Ja Huang



Mohamed Tarek Ghoneim

Advocacy Committee Chair

Mohamed Ghoneim is a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT Media Lab. His research is on electrochemical sensors for biomedical applications. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). He enjoys playing chess, travelling, and ping pong. He would be happy to connect with fellow postdocs at MIT to discuss advocacy issues (LinkedIn).

Qasim Bukhari

Professional Development Committee Chair

Qasim Bukhari is a postdoctoral associate in the Gabrieli Lab at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. He uses different neuroimaging techniques to better predict the treatment response outcome for psychiatric disorders from many alternate treatment options by using machine learning algorithms. He aims to develop a system that can predict the optimal treatment option from alternate therapies for psychiatric disorder patients. He also uses these tools to investigate the relationship between cognitive skills and brain measures. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich in Switzerland. He was awarded Erasmus Mundus scholarship for his Masters studies during which he spent time in Finland, Norway and Spain. Outside his lab, he likes to watch movies, spend time with his family and travel around the world. As a PDA officer, Qasim Bukhari is in charge of the Professional Development Committee. Please contact him for suggestions or proposals on organizing professional development events for the MIT postdoctoral community.

Satish Kumar Iyemperumal

Community Building Committee Chair

Satish joined the chemical engineering department at MIT as a postdoctoral associate in July, 2018. He graduated with a PhD in chemical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with his dissertation focused on improving the catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to useful fuels using quantum mechanical simulations. At the Blankschtein lab, his research involves molecular dynamics simulations of the water transport of one-dimensional nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes and solvent assisted exfoliation of two-dimensional materials like molybdenum disulfide. Satish enjoys working out in the gym or outdoor, play squash, and has interests in health and nutrition.

Man Ho Wong

IT & Information Committee Chair

Man Ho is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. He studied Applied Biology and Biotechnology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). He joined MIT in November 2017, after finishing his doctoral study in Goettingen, Germany. Man Ho is fascinated by the complexity of the brain, and is particularly interested in the mechanisms of synaptic plasticity. He thinks our universe is constructed by/of our brains, and learning about how the brain works is an essential step to understand our universe. Unprofessionally, Man Ho enjoys nature, conversations about science and religions, and maintaining PDA’s website.

Xiaoxue (Snow) Zhou

Sports Committee Chair

Snow is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Amon lab at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. Her current research interest is the molecular mechanism of cell signaling. Snow grew up in China where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Peking University. Afterwards, she moved to the US to obtain her PhD in Chemistry from Stanford University. In her free time, Snow enjoys volleyball and occasionally cycling. She loves good food and travel.


President: Ahmed Fazly

Vice President: Kiel Ormerod

Corresponding Secretary: Sarah Khanniche

Recording Secretary: Sabrina Huber

Treasurer: Taeyoon Kyung

Advocacy Committee Chair: Thomas Matarazzo

Professional Development Committee Co-Chairs: Zhen Cao, David Collins

IT/Information Flow Committee Chair: Muhammad Abir

Human Affairs Committee Co-Chair: Rozzetta Dolah

Orientation Committee Chair: Daniel Yim

Alumni Committee Chair: Mohammad Azad

Postdoc Initiative Grant Committee Chair: Jake Martin 

Fundraising Committee Chair:   Andreas Steinbacher

Community Building Committee Chair: Lai Sze Tso

Sports Committee: Neetesh Singh

President: Augusto Tentori

Vice President: Kathrin Graetz

Interim Vice President: Sabrina Huber

Corresponding Secretary: Megan Huber

Recording Secretary: Kiel Ormerod

Treasurer: Jake Martin

Advocacy Committee Chair: Thomas Matarazzo

Professional Development Committee Chair: Yogesh Dayma

IT/Information Flow Committee Chair: Haomiao Zhang

Human Affairs Committee Co-Chair: Kathryn Dupont

Orientation Committee Chair: Mohammad Azad

Alumni Committee Chair: Ahmed Fazly

Postdoc Initiative Grant Committee Chair: Elizabeth Stewart

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair:   Andreas Steinbacher

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair: Deniz Bozyigit

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Stefan Thiele

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Phalgun Lolur

Sports Committee Co-Chair: David Zhitomirsky

Sports Committee Co-Chair:  Neetesh Singh

President: Lilian Hsiao

President: Wasifa Jamal

Vice President: Augusto Tentori

Corresponding Secretary: Kathrin Graetz

Recording Secretary: Tharanga Wijethunga

Treasurer: Sepehr Ehsani

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Martin Stewart

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Murat Yildirim

Professional Development Committee Chair: Dinesh Kumar

IT/Information Flow Committee Co-Chair: Dennis Sheberla

IT/Information Flow Committee Co-Chair: Haomiao Zhang

Human Affairs Committee Co-Chair: Kathryn Dupont

Human Affairs Committee Co-Chair: Claudia Wehrspaun

Orientation Committee Chair: Jake Martin

Alumni Committee Chair: Mo Jiang

Postdoc Initiative Grant Committee Chair: Elizabeth Stewart

Sports Committee Chair: Jelena Stojakovic

Fundraising Committee Chair: Liz Canovic

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Farrokh Sheibani

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Min Ding

President: Vincent Chan

Vice President: Gregory Lee Kabachinski

Corresponding Secretary: Magali Gauthier

Recording Secretary: Nicole Vega

Treasurer: Nagore Ortiz

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Martin Stewart

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Piyush Jain

Professional Development Committee Chair: Usama Kadri

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Paulo Garcia

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Virginia Burger

IT/Webmaster Committee Co-Chair:  James Loomis

IT/Webmaster Committee Co-Chair:  Nick Vandewiele

Alumni Association Committee Chair: Stuart Cook 

Fundraising Committee Chair: Nir Pour

Human Issues Committee Chair: Markita Landry

Sports Chair: Gaurav Verma

President – Thomas Crouzier

Vice President – Sara Cleto

Corresponding Secretary – Victoria (Zhukova) Wyslouch

Recording Secretary – Georgios Markopoulos

Treasurer – Kartik Shah

Advocacy Committee Chair – Piyush Jain

Professional Development Committee Chair – Nan Li

Community Building and Outreach Committee Chair – Christin Glorioso and Piyush Jain

Community Building Committee Co-Chair: Daniel Cuppoletti

Information Flow and IT support Committee Chair – Kan-Ju Lin

Alumni Committee – Eldi Schoenfeld

Fundraising Committee Chair – Suresh Maddur Ganesan

IT/Webmaster Committee Chair – Sumanta Dey

President – Thomas Crouzier

Corresponding Secretary – Sara Cleto

Treasurer – Amanda Nicole Billings

Advocacy Committee Chair – Eveline Geiser

Professional Development Committee Chair – Magdalini Papadaki

Community Building Committee Chair – David Engel

Fundraising Committee Chair – Suresh Maddur Ganesan

IT Chair / Webmaster – Xian Du

Midterm changes

President – Piro Siuti

Professional Development Committee Chair – Colas Schretter

Alumni chair – Runyu Tan

Founding President – Paulina Hill

Vice-president – Tejas Kalastavadi

Executive Secretary – Wiljeana Jackson Glover

IT Chair/Webmaster –Leon Bellan

Advocacy Committee Chair – Ana Jaklenec

Alumni Association Chair – Kelly Knee

Professional Development Committee Chair – James Chen

Community Building Committee Chair – Elizabeth Read

Midterm changes

President – Wiljeana Jackson Glover

Vice-President – Tejas Kalastavadi

Advocacy Committee Chair – Ana Jaklenec

Alumni Association Chair – Kate Moreau

IT Chair – Leon Bellan, Jun Fu