Major achievements since September 2011

Post-doctoral Representation on MIT Committees: Working with the Vice-President for Research (VPR) office, to ensure inclusion of post-doctoral representatives on key Institute Committees (such as Intellectual Property Committee and Women’s Advisory Group).

Infinite Connection: Worked with leadership in Alumni Association to provide access for post-docs with at least nine-month appointments to an Infinite Connection account for affiliation with MIT Alumni Office.

Professional development seminars: Organized or co-organized professional development seminars by inviting inspiring personalities.


Career Services for Post-docs: Restored one-on-one counseling and related services for post-docs with the help of the VPR office.

Advocacy for an improvement of Postdocs working conditions. As a result, a postdoc minimum salary raise to $65000 will be effective as of January 2023

Writing & Communication Center: Worked with the VPR Office to restore ongoing services for postdocs.

Athletic Memberships: In collaboration with the Athletics department and the VPR office, the PDA successfully advocated for equal gym membership fee between Post-doctoral Fellows and Post-doctoral Associates.

Postdoc Initiative Grant (PInG): PDA supports a wide range of events/projects initiated by postdocs. Current and previous PInG projects include: Glimpse: the Postdoc Podcast, Yoga Classes, Postdoc Playdates, POWER: Postdoctoral Women Engaged in Research, Open Science Workshop, Postdoc Jogging Club, qtPhDs @ MIT: LGBTQ+ community of postdoctoral researchers.

Social Events: Started creating a community by organizing regular social events monthly with attendance. 


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