BPDA Advocacy Committee

March 23, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Room 9-217

The action items have been updated on the One Note: Per February (2/23/2017) (Web view)

The next BPDA Meeting will be in Cambridge at MIT, March 23 at 6 – 7:30PM: Room 9-217 (in Samuel Tak Lee Building, aka #9).

Please RSVP here (pizza will be provided): https://goo.gl/forms/cOvKPYwqCDkdprgB3

Directions from 77 Massachusetts Ave (main building, #7):
– After walking up the stairs, enter the lobby (very tall ceiling) and turn left (north)
– follow hallway and go up the stairs
– quick left, room 9-217 is the corner room
(also see attached photo)

To all those attending the NPA annual meeting – enjoy!

We look forward to seeing you!

Tony Cisjouw and Tom Matarazzo