Get Involved

The MIT Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is a postdoc-led organization supported by the Office of the Vice President of Research (VPR) with the goal of providing support for >1400 postdoctoral trainees appointed in 25 departments at MIT.

We engage our community through 7 committees. These committees are support postdocs that want to make a difference for the MIT postdoc committee.

Get involved by contacting one of the Committees that fits your interest!


Advocacy Committee

  • Communicate concerns to the faculty & administration on behalf of the postdocs
  • Address issues pertaining to careers, health care, benefits, salary, immigration, child care, grant, funding mechanisms, etc.
  • Establish a unified postdoc voice and increase the profile of postdocs within the MIT community

Alumni Committee

  • Establish an MIT Postdoctoral Alumni Network and encourage communication among postdoc alumni
  • Ensure all MIT postdocs are considered alumni of the institution and become part of the MIT alumni association
  • Seek to have every postdoc receive an e-mail address

Community Building Committee

  • Encourage participation and involvement within the MIT community
  • Enlist the support of MIT postdoctoral trainees towards PDA efforts through committee participation and involvement
  • Organize networking and social events that create a supportive peer group and integrate postdocs into the larger MIT community


  • Attract a broad range of sponsors and donors from industry in different fields of science
  • Arrange several events for fundraising during the year (such as the vendors event)
  • Review all previous fundraisings contacts, create a vendor library and open it to the postdocs community to review and to add based on their acquaintances

Human Affairs Committee

  • Facilitate discussions between postdocs and entities on the MIT campus with goals of making the campus community more inclusive
  • Develop activities or next-steps based on the most predominant or pressing issues
  • Bring PDA issues to the attention of the presidential committee, and draft changes to documents pertaining to campus inclusion with input from PDA

Information Flow & IT Support Committee

  • Set up efficient communication and publicity systems (i.e. Listserv, LinkedIn, & Facebook)
  • Maintain an up-to-date internet site of resources and information
  • Establish consistency and continuity in the mission, organization, and conduct of the PDA

Professional Development Committee

  • Promote the ethical conduct of research
  • Establish mutually rewarding mentoring relationships with members of the MIT community
  • Organize regular orientation sessions, career-building workshops, research symposiums, industry ventures, etc.
  • Award travel grants to postdoctoral trainees to support travel to conferences