Welcome to the new PDA officers

Dear Postdocs,

We are pleased to announce that the following postdocs were elected to represent you in the MIT PDA for the academic year 2019-2020.

Razvan Marinescu

Vice President:
Cristina Florea

Dien Nguyen

Corresponding Secretary:
Natalia Barbour

Recording Secretary:
Harish Banda

Advocacy Committee Chair:
Wan Shou

Professional Development Committee Chair:
Qasim Bukhari

Fundraising Committee Chair:
Longfei Zhou

IT/Information Flow Committee Chair:
Jasmina Burek

Alumni Chair:
Ruojie Vanessa Zhang

Alumni Co-Chair:
Moustafa Ali

Orientation Committee Chair:
Leah Ellis

Diversity and Inclusion Chair:
Tansu Daylan

Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair:
Kyle Diederichsen

Sports Chair:
Chuangchuang Sun

Sports Co-Chair:
Jamal Toutouh El Alamin