The postdoc mentoring program kicks off in March and runs until September, at the peak of hiring season in 2018. Successful applicants will be paired with mentors based on background and career goals into small groups (2~3 mentors + 6 mentees). Mentors will share valuable professional insights and have in-depth discussions about your career development through monthly informal sessions.





The goal of POWEpower_logoR is to provide professional and personal development support specific to women who want to pursue advanced careers in science and industry, and to support and advocate for women postdocs in all aspects of their professional training at MIT.






logo podcast
Hosted by Alex Albanese, GLIMPSE is a show where we take our mobile recording studio across MIT campus and talk with researchers about their journey, research and outlook. We keep it conversational and interesting.




Sports Events

Postdoc Zumba

A PInG Initiative


This summer we will be offering 10-weeks of Zumba classes for Postdocs on Tuesdays from 6:15 – 7:15 PM (June 28- August 30) in Building 66-201.  Classes are for up to 40 postdocs and funded by a Postdoc Initiatives Grant (PInG).  Please plan on attending the majority of classes if you register as slots are limited.  No previous experience is required. Please wear comfortable clothing and sport shoes.    You must register to attend classes.  


Please register here: .  If you have any questions please contact Maria Patsyuk (