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Sports: Please check our Facebook group for sports activities: Sport Activities for MIT Postdocs
For further information, please contact the Sports Committee Chair at

Board games: PDA Human Affair Committee is hosting a Postdoc Board Game Night monthly! See this page for more info.

MIT Recreation

MIT Recreation facilities include the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center, the Wang Fitness Center and Alumni Pool, playing fields, and more. The membership fee for MIT Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows is the MIT Faculty/Staff rate.


Note: MIT Postdoctoral Fellows whose ID card does not have the designation “Employee” on the top require a certification letter with their MIT ID to qualify for the MIT Faculty/Staff rate. (Postdoctoral Associates, or anyone with the “Employee” designation on the MIT ID card, do not need the certification letter.) For details on facilities, services, and enrollment, see here (Prices).


MIT Medical

Depending on your health insurance plan, members of MIT Recreational Sports and certain other health clubs may be eligible for a $150 annual reimbursement. MIT-specific information is available through MIT Medical. (Additional guidance for MIT Recreational Sports members) Unfortunately, members of the MIT Affiliate Extended Insurance Plans are not eligible.

MIT Medical offers Exercise and Fitness programs, including Community Wellness classes in yoga, Pilates, and more, open to the MIT community. Some of these include a fee.