MIT Postdoc Initiative Grant (PInG)

PInG applications are open!


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Do you have ideas for fun, recreational activities or educational events that you think would benefit the postdoc community? The MIT PDA is pleased to announce the third annual call for Postdoc Initiative Grant (PInG) proposals. 

The grant aims to financially support a range of activities, events, and projects, including but not limited to:

  • Social gatherings
  • Recreational activities
  • Arts and cultural programs
  • Mental health and stress support groups
  • Professional development seminars and workshops

With the stipulation being that the events are of benefit to the postdoc community as a whole or at least to a significant part of it.


Eligibility: All current MIT postdoctoral associates or fellows are eligible to submit a proposal, either individually or on behalf of an organization that they represent.

Budget: Total budget is $2000, funding will be split across proposed projects in order to maximize the impact for the postdoc community.  Grants are typically on the order of $300-500.

Application guidelines: Your proposal should consist of the following:

  1. A summary of the proposal (200 words max) describing the project or group to be funded and how it serves the MIT postdoc community.  The summary is reviewed by the committee, to ensure that the proposal fits with PInG’s objective and funding guidelines.
  2. A budget detailing the expected cost breakdown.
  3. The proposed timeline for completing the initiative and the number of events/ activities associated with the initiative.
  4. The postdoc population that your initiative will benefit the most or is intended to serve.

Please fill in the attached PInGApplication form and return to the PInG (email: with subject “PInG application”.


Proposal deadline: January 31, 2017 12:00 pm EST for events in the period February to September 2017. 


For full details of the grant please see the PInGGuidelines.



The proposals will be evaluated by the PInG committee, which currently consists of:

Elizabeth Stewart (PInG Committee Chair)

Wei Sun Leong

Natalia Nukolova

Kiel Ormerod

Farrokh Sheibani


We are looking forward to receiving your proposals and you joining our efforts to improve our common experience at MIT!


List of Previously Funded Postdoc Initiative Grants:


Previously funded MIT Postdoc Initiative Grant (PInG) Proposals and and the people behind them:

Postdoc Jogging Club – Alex Klotz ( – $350

A weekly jogging club for MIT postdocs.

Postdoc Zumba – Maria Patsyuk ( – $650

10 summer zumba classes for postdoc wellness.

Postdoc Podcast – Alexandre Albanese ( – $530

A weekly podcast featuring interviews from MIT postdocs of all disciplines.

The MIT Think Tank Candlelight Vigil for the Academic Funding Crisis – Christin Glorioso ( – $300

An event to increase awareness of the academic funding crisis.

Postdoc Women’s Advisory Group – Lilian Hsiao ( – $400

An event to launch the women’s group specifically for postdocs.

Interdisciplinary Playdates – Xiaoyu Peng ( – $500

Playdates for kids of MIT postdocs of all disciplines.

MIT Yoga Postdoctoral Initiative (MyPi) – Sarah Safieddine ( – $1020

Weekly yoga classes for postdocs.


Keep an eye out for how you can participate in newly funded initiatives in the upcoming months.