Career Tools

Career Services and Resources (VPR) – career resources information from the MIT Office of the Vice President of Research (VPR).

Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) – This website, and the specific information on Services and Policies for Postdocs contain all the relevant information about career services, events and programs. Thru Career Bridge, one can schedule an appointment for CV/Resume review, interviewing strategies, and other career related topics such as career exploration, job search strategies, and considering job offers. In addition, the website offers a variety of tools including Career Development Handbook and Tip Guides on resumes, CVs, cover letters, and Postdoc Tips (Tips for finding postdocs, the right postdoc, and funding).

IDPmyIDP is a collection of tools that helps you examine your skills, identify your future career path, set strategic goals and keep yourself on track of your daily activities. Other suggestions and templates may be found here. – This website is a part of the MIT Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD). It gives you access to various assessments tools, career database, etc.

From Ph.D. to Professoriate – NSF supported project to help postdoctoral associate women transition into their professoriate. Postdoc women face a number of challenges ranging from limited family-friendly benefits to lack of mentoring. This article aims to help postdoc women find possible solutions to all the challenges. Advancing Postdoc Women Guidebook (pdf) has information about professional development, mentoring, and more.

Writing and Communication Center offers to schedule an appointment for free to get professional advice about all types of writing and speaking/oral presentations. This includes one-on-one consulting sessions with professional writers. If you are unable to be physically at the appointment, on-line consultations are available, but limited to 1000-word documents.

Postdoc Mentoring and Advising Toolkit – This website contains the set of information and forms that was developed at MIT to assist the training of postdoctoral researchers by their respective mentors/advisers. This toolkit might also be helpful to postdocs to monitor their progress at MIT.

Upcoming Presentations on professional development and past presentations (“Creating an Effective CV for the Academia Job search”, “Behavioral Interviewing”, “Transition from Academia to Industry”, “Negotiating the Job Offer” and more)

Infinite Connection – This is the official alumni network of the MIT community. Postdocs who have had an MIT postdoctoral appointment of nine months or longer are eligible to register and enjoy the many benefits of the network, including the online alumni directory and a wide range of resources. See the postdoc page of the Infinite Connection website for information.

PDA would like to acknowledge Dana Bresee Keeth, Director of Postdoctoral Services, Office of the Vice President of Research, for compiling these valuable resources for us.