Broadening Engagement through Engineering At MIT (BEEAM)

EBICS Education and Diversity Program Manager
Caley Allen, PhD

Program Description

BEEAM (Broadening Engagement through Engineering At MIT) is a yearround high school science education and research program, designed for rising juniors and seniors, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in conjunction with the NSF Science and Technology Center on Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems (EBICS).

Program Goals

To inspire high school students from underrepresented minority groups to aspire to a wider range of career opportunities, including earning advanced degrees in STEM.

Participant Activities

Under the mentorship of a MIT STEM departmental research faculty member and a postdoctoral research scholar within the corresponding laboratory, BEEAM scholars will develop research and problem-solving skills through conducting and taking ownership of a research project.

MIT Faculty’s and Mentor’s Commitments

The BEEAM program provides an opportunity for postdoctoral fellows to mentor high school students in research while gaining valuable mentoring and project management experience.

The next steps for you to be involved in BEEAM are the following:

  1. The support and approval of the PI – then:
  2. A research project title
  3. A picture of you that I can put on the website and use in PowerPoint presentations 🙂
  4. Your participation in the BEEAM selection interviews (this is optional, but is encouraged. Tentative date: April 6th, 2019)


Questions? Contact the EBICS Education and Diversity Program Manager Caley Allen, PhD at

Download program details: BEEAM-Summary