MIT PDA PhD Movie Night I

Want to meet and hangout with other MIT Postdocs? Join us on Thursday February 24th at 6.30 PM for the streaming of Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD Movie 1) at Stata Center room 32-123. Food and beverages will be provided at the end of the movie. Food is not allowed during streaming. Please register here: … Read more MIT PDA PhD Movie Night I

Immigration Presentation for MIT Postdocs

A free of charge event delivered via Zoom, Arkell Immigration Team at the Dunn Law Firm will present for the MIT PDA. They would address the latest developments in U.S. immigration policy and respond to any questions international postdocs might have. They could also conduct individual consultations with those interested in applying for permanent residence. … Read more Immigration Presentation for MIT Postdocs

MIT PDA Friday Karaoke Night

Shouting out loud your favorite songs or singing with your deep gentle voices with a group of postdocs from various departments, learning new songs from postdocs with various backgrounds, cultures, let’s build happy memories at MIT with melodies! Sign up now for a leisure Friday Karaoke Night!   Sign each week for free for a … Read more MIT PDA Friday Karaoke Night

MIT PDA Yoga Event

MIT PDA Yoga Event: 10/21-12/16, Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 pm ET in 56-180.  This event includes weekly in-person yoga sessions and is free for MIT Postdocs and families who are inclined towards incorporating yoga in their lifestyle. This event would be led by 200 hour trained yoga instructor from MIT community.  Refreshments (snacks and fruits) will be … Read more MIT PDA Yoga Event

Celebrating the National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2021

National Postdoc Appreciation Week begins on Monday, September 20th.  MIT is proud to host almost 1500 postdoctoral scholars from all over the world, and we recognize and are grateful for the role you play in making the Institute a great place. Here are some events that we have planned and curated to celebrate Postdoc Appreciation Week.  They include both virtual and in-person events, and we … Read more Celebrating the National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2021