The Ultimate Crash Course for Consulting Interviews


Who: Management Consulted

What: Consulting Interview Bootcamp

Where: MIT, Room 56-154

When: Sunday July 15th, 2018

About your presenter:

Jenny Rae Le Roux, MD of Management Consulted, is known for being tough, honest, constructive, supportive and fun. She leads workshops at 60+ schools each year, including Harvard Business School, Columbia University, LSE, Stanford, Berkeley, and more. The MC team’s 3500+ clients include recipients of 2017 offers from:

McKinsey – Bain – BCG – Booz Allen Hamilton – LEK – Oliver Wyman – Deloitte Consulting – PwC Advisory – KPMG – Ernst & Young – APT – NERA – Capgemini – Seabury Consulting – Ocean Strategy

…and 170+ other boutiques in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Come partake in the ultimate crash course for consulting interviews with the expert team from Management Consulted!