MIT PDA 2018 -2019 General Elections

Dear MIT Postdocs,

Next Wednesday August 1st you will be electing the next group of officers for the MIT PDA that will represent you for the 2018-2019 academic year. We have a lot of great candidates running. See candidate statements here.

Election details

  • Elections will take place Wednesday August 1st from 12:00-2:00 pm in 68-181.
  • Please review the candidate statements below and you may contact them directly with any questions. Note that the candidates were self-nominated or nominated by someone else through the publicly announced and an open process. Candidate eligibility was subject to the constitution and bylaws of MIT PDA.
  • All MIT Postdocs (Associates and Fellows) are eligible to vote. Please bring MIT ID. You have to be present at the polling site to cast your ballot. No proxy voting is allowed.
  • On election day paper ballots will be handed out upon eligibility verification and you will have the opportunity to cast your vote by secret ballot to the candidate of your choice. (Link to Bylaws ¬†and Constitution)
  • Candidates will need to secure a simple majority to be elected for a position. Results will be announced by email later that evening and advertised on the PDA website, twitter and Facebook accounts as well.

Please send any questions or comments about the election to

If you are interested in helping to verify eligibility of voters, counting the votes, and to assisting with the polling stations please contact the election committee We are always welcoming volunteers!

The election committee is responsible for independently running the general election. Note that to ensure a completely transparent and fair election process none of the election committee members are running for office in this election cycle. The members of the election committee are Taeyoon Kyung(Chair), Mohammed Azad, Lai Tse Tso, Wei Sun Leong and Nannan Mao.

(No nominations were received for Alumni, Fundraising, Human Affairs, Orientation, and Postdoc Initiative Grants Committees during the nomination period. Elections for filling these open positions will be arranged by the incoming 2018-2019 PDA leadership in accordance with our bylaws and constitution)

Best regards,

Ahmed Fazly

President, MIT-PDA

on behalf of election committee