PInG applications are currently closed

The MIT Postdoc Initiative Grant Committee (PInG) is pleased to announce the 2017 recipients of our awards and the people behind the initiatives:


Postdoc Organization for Women Engaged in Research (POWER)- Lisa Anderson (  – $500

Career development seminars for postdocs at MIT.


Postdoc Cultural Awareness and Speech Enhancement (CASE) – Low-pressure environments for practicing communication skills – Fangqiong Ling ( Sean Gibbons ( $420

Group to allow postdocs to practice presentation skills and receive feedback in low-pressure settings.


Open Science Workshop for Postdocs- Kevin Moerman (  – $300

Series of workshops to educate postdocs on open science.


Postdoc Running and Jogging Club- Alex Klotz (  – $150

A weekly running club for postdocs with an opportunity to meetup for snacks and socialization post run.


Please keep an eye out for announcements related to your participation in these and other ongoing PInG events.